Anime Frog Stuffed Animal


Immerse in the enchantment of the Anime Frog Stuffed Animal. CE certified for quality, this unisex plush from Mainland China, filled with PP Cotton, offers ultimate comfort. A delightful companion!

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Anime Frog Stuffed Animal Features

  • Whimsical Theme: Dive into the magical world with the Anime Frog Stuffed Animal, a charismatic character straight from TV & movies.
  • Certified Quality: CE certification ensures safety and quality standards are met, offering peace of mind for all ages.
  • Global Origin: This enchanting plush transcends borders, hailing from an international origin, spreading joy worldwide.
  • Plush Filling: Embrace the cuddliness with PP Cotton filling, ensuring a soft and huggable experience.
  • Cotton Comfort: Crafted from high-quality COTTON, the material adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your plush companion.
  • Versatile Age Range: Perfect for ages 14 and above, this genius creation caters to a broad audience, bringing joy to teens and adults alike.
  • Genius Design Form: The unique form adds an element of genius to the character, making it stand out in any collection.
  • Unisex Appeal: Designed for both genders, the Anime Frog is a delightful companion for anyone, breaking traditional stereotypes.
  • Frogs Galore: Celebrate the amphibian world with a frog-themed plush, capturing the essence of nature.
  • Cushion/Pillow Functionality: Beyond a mere toy, this versatile creation doubles as a cushion/pillow, adding functionality to its charm.
  • Safety Warning: An important note—this delightful plush is not suitable for children under 36 months, ensuring safety precautions.
  • Brand New Elegance: Experience the allure of a brand-new, high-quality plush with a size of about 22cm, offering a perfect blend of charm and elegance for both female and male enthusiasts.

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Anime Frog Stuffed Animal Description

Immerse Yourself in Enchanting Theme! 🌟

Picture yourself stepping into the captivating world of the Anime Frog Stuffed Animal, a delightful creation that takes inspiration from your favorite TV and movie characters. Let the whimsical charm surround you as you embrace the magic of this plush companion.

🏆 Certification for Quality Assurance

Embrace the assurance of CE certification that accompanies this Extraordinary Anime Frog Plush. This certification is a testament to the adherence to top-notch safety standards and quality craftsmanship, offering you a worry-free and delightful experience with your newfound friend.

🪀 Luxurious Plush Filling for Ultimate Comfort

Prepare to indulge in the ultimate cuddling experience with the Green Gender-Neutral Frog. The plush is generously filled with PP Cotton, ensuring a soft and comforting touch that makes every moment spent with it a retreat into relaxation and warmth.

🌈 Versatility in Unisex Appeal

Tailored for individuals aged 14 and above, this genius-designed frog breaks free from conventional gender norms. Its unisex appeal ensures that everyone, regardless of gender, can revel in the joy and comfort that this plush brings, creating a bond that transcends traditional boundaries.

🚨 Safety First

As you embark on the journey of cuddles with this charming plush, it’s essential to keep safety in mind. The Frog-Themed Pillow is not suitable for children under 36 months, emphasizing the commitment to safety standards in every embrace.

🎁 Irresistible New Addition – “Little Frog

Introducing the “Little Frog,” a 100% Brand New & High-quality plush that stands at about 22cm. This adorable addition to the plush family is designed to captivate enthusiasts of all ages, whether female or male.

Don’t miss out on the magic that this enchanting creature brings into your life!

Discover the magic of the Anime Frog Stuffed Animal! Embrace comfort with this high-quality, gender-neutral plush companion. Perfect for all ages. Grab yours now for an enchanting cuddle experience! 🐸✨

Anime Frog Stuffed Animal Specification:

  • Theme: TV & Movie Character
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Material: COTTON
  • Recommend Age: 14+y
  • Form: Genius
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Animals: Frogs
  • Type: Cushion/Pillow
  • Features: Stuffed & Plush
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Item Type: Animals
  • Product Name: Little frog
  • Color: Green
  • Size: about 22cm
  • Gender: Female and male
  • Condition: 100% Brand New & High quality

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