Clyde Frog Stuffed Animal


Step into enchantment with Clyde Frog, a plush masterpiece meticulously crafted for connoisseurs. Ageless charm, premium polyester, and PP Cotton filling ensure a tactile paradise. Certified excellence. Unleash imagination. Order now! 🌈🐸✨

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Clyde Frog Stuffed Animal Features

  • Recommended Age: Designed for the more discerning crowd, suitable for those aged 14 and above, with an added touch for the 18+ enthusiasts.
  • Material Composition: Fashioned from high-quality polyester, promising durability and a soft, huggable texture that transcends ordinary plush toys.
  • Innovative Filling: Stuffed generously with premium PP Cotton, providing the perfect balance between squishy comfort and lasting resilience.
  • Certification Assurance: Certified with the CE mark, embodying safety standards and quality control, ensuring peace of mind for both collectors and gift-givers.
  • Inclusive Gender Appeal: Unisex in design, transcending traditional gender norms, making it an ideal companion for everyone.
  • Versatile Features: Beyond its cuddly demeanor, this plush wonder is not just a stuffed toy but a plush companion, boasting a multifunctional appeal.
  • Distinctive Color Palette: Adorned in a soothing shade of green, adding a touch of nature-inspired charm to any collection.
  • Ageless Charm: Designed to evoke nostalgia, appealing to the young at heart, regardless of age, making it a timeless addition to any stuffed animal collection.
  • Perfectly Proportioned: Crafted with precision, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of size and detailing that captivates all who encounter it.
  • Feather-Light Weight: Weighing in at a mere 138g, this delightful creature is light enough to be carried effortlessly, ensuring comfort in every hug.
  • Compact Dimensions: Compact yet impactful, measuring at 20cm by 25cm, making it the perfect size for snuggling or displaying on any shelf.

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Clyde Frog Stuffed Animal Description

🌟 Welcome to the Whimsical World of Clyde Frog!

Embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting realm of Clyde Frog Stuffed Animal, a plush creation that transcends the ordinary, promising to be the centerpiece of your plush toy collection. Let the magic unfold as we delve into the intricate details that make Clyde Frog an unparalleled masterpiece.

🌈 Crafted for Connoisseurs

Immerse yourself in the allure of Clyde Frog Plush, a creation born from the hands of skilled artisans dedicated to the art of plush toy craftsmanship. Each meticulous stitch and careful detailing narrate a story of passion and commitment, ensuring that Clyde Frog stands as a testament to the heights that plush toy artistry can reach. This is not merely a stuffed animal; it’s a work of art, ready to captivate and inspire.

🎉 Ageless Wonder

Clyde Frog is not just a Stuffed Animal Connoisseur; it’s an ageless wonder designed to appeal to a discerning audience. Tailored for individuals aged 14 and above, this plush companion offers a touch of sophistication and charm. As a bonus, those seeking a more mature and refined plush experience at the age of 18 and beyond will find an extra layer of enchantment, making Clyde Frog a timeless and age-transcending addition to any collection.

🌿 Polyester Paradise

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of premium polyester, the fabric chosen to create Clyde Frog’s exterior. Feel the softness and plush texture that define this extraordinary companion. Glide your fingers over the velvety surface, and experience a tactile journey into a world of comfort and coziness. Clyde Frog’s polyester paradise ensures not just a toy but an immersive sensory experience.

🌐 Plump with PP Cotton

Dive into the embrace of plush perfection as you discover Clyde Frog’s interior plumped generously with high-quality PP Cotton. The Whimsical plush creation is carefully selected to strike the perfect balance between squishy comfort and lasting resilience. Each hug is met with a responsive and huggable texture, elevating the tactile pleasure of cuddling with Clyde Frog to unparalleled heights.

🌟 Certified Excellence

Rest assured in the embrace of Clyde Frog, knowing that it bears the prestigious CE certification. This mark is not just a symbol; it’s a promise of safety, quality, and excellence. Clyde Frog exceeds industry standards, ensuring that it’s not merely a toy but a commitment to providing collectors and gift-givers alike with the highest level of satisfaction and confidence.

🤗 Unleash Your Imagination

Clyde Frog isn’t just a stuffed and plush wonder; it’s a boundless canvas for your imagination. As you welcome Clyde Frog into your world, explore the endless possibilities of companionship, storytelling, and comfort. Engage in imaginative play, create whimsical adventures, and forge a unique bond with Clyde Frog that transcends the conventional role of a plush toy.

Seize the Magic, Bring Clyde Frog Home Today! 🚀 

Unveil the enchantment that Clyde Frog brings, and make it a cherished part of your plush toy collection. Elevate your plush toy experience with a companion that transcends the ordinary—order now and bask in the joy of Clyde Frog’s delightful presence! 🌈✨

Clyde Frog Stuffed Animal Specification:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Recommend Age: 14+y
  • Material: Polyester
  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Certification: CE
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Stuffed & Plush
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 138g
  • Size: 20cm*25cm

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