Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush


It’s more than just a toy; it’s a tribute to a beloved Movie & TV character, a sensory delight, and a safe and soft companion suitable for all ages. Don’t miss your chance to bring Lotso’s charm into your world!

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Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush Features

🌟 Movie Magic: Dive into the enchanting world of Lotso with this Tsum Tsum Plush. It’s a tribute to the beloved Movie & TV character that’s captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

🧸 Soft & Plush Comfort: Crafted with short plush and filled with PP Cotton, this plush offers a delightful softness that’s perfect for cuddles and relaxation.

🚫 Safe Playtime: This plush comes with a “not eat” warning to ensure safe playtime for everyone. It’s designed with your well-being in mind, making it suitable for all ages, especially those aged 18+.

🌷 Pretty in Pink: Lotso’s signature color comes to life in this plush with a delightful pink hue.

🎗️ CE Certified Quality: Quality and safety are assured with the CE certification. It’s a mark of excellence that guarantees this plush meets stringent safety standards.

👫 Unisex Appeal: With a design that transcends gender, this plush is a unisex treasure suitable for anyone.

🎉 Collector’s Delight: Whether you’re an avid collector or a fan of Movie & TV memorabilia, this Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush is a must-have.

🧒 Perfect for All Ages: Recommending an age of 18+, this plush caters to adults who cherish their love for Lotso. It’s not just for kids; it’s for the young-at-heart.

🍓 Sensory Experience: Immerse yourself in Lotso’s world with the faint scent of strawberries. It’s a sensory experience that adds an extra layer of authenticity to this delightful plush.

🎨 Detailed Dimensions: Measuring approximately 9 cm, this plush is the perfect size for both display and play.

Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush

Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush Description

Step into the captivating world of the Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush, where nostalgia, comfort, and safety take center stage!

🌟 Cherished Movie Character Icon

This Lotso Bear Plush is a delightful homage to a beloved Movie & TV character that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a token of nostalgia, inviting you to relive cherished moments from the screen. As you gaze upon it, you’ll be transported to the magical world of Lotso and the adventures that made you fall in love with this character in the first place.

🧸 Irresistibly Soft & Plush Comfort

Crafted with short plush and filled with PP Cotton, this plush offers an irresistibly soft and huggable texture. It’s perfect for cuddles, relaxation, and providing comfort whenever you need it. It’s like a warm, reassuring hug from Lotso himself, offering solace and companionship in those moments when you seek it most.

🍓 Strawberry Scented Sensation

Immerse yourself in Lotso’s world with the faint, delightful scent of strawberries. It’s a sensory experience that adds authenticity to your connection with this lovable character. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the sweet scent transport you to the strawberry-scented paradise of Sunnyside Daycare, where Lotso’s charm shines bright.

🚫 Safety First – Not for Eating

Your safety is a top priority, and this plush is designed with that in mind. It comes with a clear “not eat” warning, ensuring safe playtime for everyone. It’s suitable for ages 18+ and is designed to provide worry-free enjoyment, even for the youngest at heart. You can share the joy of Lotso without any concerns.

🌷 Pretty in Pink

Lotso’s signature pink color is beautifully captured in this Disney Movie Character Plush. It’s a visual treat that pays homage to the character’s charming appearance. The attention to detail in replicating Lotso’s iconic pink hue adds an extra layer of authenticity and whimsy to your collection or decor.

🎨 Compact & Detailed Dimensions

With dimensions of approximately 9 cm, this plush strikes a perfect balance between compactness and detail. It’s an ideal size for display, fitting gracefully on shelves, desks, or bedside tables. Yet, despite its modest size, it doesn’t compromise on the intricate details that make Lotso so endearing. Each stitch and feature is carefully crafted to capture his essence, making this plush an exquisite addition to your collection.

This detailed exploration highlights the multifaceted appeal of the Strawberry Scented Stuffed Animal. It’s not just a toy; it’s a source of comfort, a sensory delight, a piece of cherished nostalgia, and a reminder that your favorite Movie & TV character is always there to bring joy to your world. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring Lotso’s magic into your life. 🌟🍓🧸

Lotso Tsum Tsum Plush Specification:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Recommend Age: 18+
  • Material: Short Plush
  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Certification: CE
  • Warning: not eat
  • Color: Pink
  • Dimensions: about 9 cm
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Movie & TV

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