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Crafting Handmade Plush Showcase of Kaolo the Hyemur

Crafting Handmade Plush Showcase of Kaolo the Hyemur


Step into the wonderful world of making soft toys by hand! Here, every stitch is like a little story, and each toy is made with lots of love and care. Today, we’re going to explore how Kaolo the Hyemur, a cute plush toy, was created. We’ll take a closer look at all the steps involved, from the very beginning when the pattern was first designed, to the final touches that make Kaolo so special.

Crafting Kaolo the Hyemur

Adjusting the Pattern

Let’s start at the beginning. When we first looked at the pattern for Kaolo, we realized it needed some changes to make it just right. We wanted Kaolo to look a certain way, so we made the thighs a bit slimmer and widened the gap between them. We also made the body part a little thinner. These changes helped shape Kaolo into the cute character we wanted it to be.

Making Changes Along the Way

Even though we made some improvements, we still had more work to do. We wanted to get Kaolo’s body proportions just right, so we kept adjusting the pattern until it looked perfect. Instead of starting from scratch, we found a clever way to use parts of the original pattern and add on to them. This saved us time and materials, which was really helpful.

Challenges with the Head Pattern

Making the head

Next, we had to figure out how to make Kaolo’s head. It wasn’t easy, especially when we had to attach the ears in a curved shape instead of a straight line. This meant we had to sew them on by hand, which took a lot of patience. But it was worth it because it made Kaolo look even cuter!

Adding Details with Embroidery

Minky Paw pads

Minky Paw pads1

Mochi Minky Claws

Applique and embroidery details

Faux fur hair cheeks and chest fluff

Once we had all the pieces cut out, it was time to add some special touches. We used embroidery to create details like paw pads and claws, which made Kaolo look more lifelike. It was a bit tricky to get everything just right, especially when we had to place the fangs in a certain spot without messing up the seams. But we found a solution and made it work.

Putting Everything Together

Magnetic hands

Posable arms

Posable faux fur tail

With all the pieces ready, it was time to assemble Kaolo. We stuffed it with soft filling to make it nice and cuddly, and we added magnets in the hands and wire in the arms and tail to give it some flexibility. Then we made some clothes using a special method called the paper towel method. We even added little holes in the pants and a cuff around the ankles to make them look extra cool.

Der letzte Schliff

Mochi minky nose and teeth

Earing accessories

3D Folded Ears

Finally, it was time to put the finishing touches on Kaolo. We made sure everything was sewn together neatly and that all the details were just right. It was a lot of work, but when we saw Kaolo all finished, we knew it was worth it. Kaolo looked so cute and cuddly, just like we had imagined.

Finishing Product

Finishing Product2


In the end, making Kaolo the Hyemur plush was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of hard work. We had to make a lot of adjustments along the way to get everything just right. But when we saw the finished toy, it made us really proud. It just shows that with a little creativity and a lot of patience, you can create something really special. And that’s exactly what Kaolo is – a special toy made with lots of love.

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