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Creating Fragrance Pouches for Stuffed Toys


Adding scent to plushies can enhance the overall experience of cuddling with them. This article’ll explore a DIY method of making scent packs for plushies using fragrance oil and sachet beads. Unlike pre-made scent packets, this method offers flexibility in choosing the scent and adjusting its strength to suit individual preferences.

Choosing Materials

Ingredients for Creating Fragrance Pouches

The key materials needed for this project are sachet beads and fragrance oil. Sachet beads, resembling poly pellets, are specifically designed to absorb fragrance oils without melting. They can be purchased from various online stores. Additionally, fragrance oil, such as Aloha scent, adds a pleasant aroma to the beads. It’s essential to follow the instructions provided with the sachet beads to determine the appropriate amount of oil needed.

Prepare the Sachet Beads

Prepare fragrance oil

Prepare mason jar

Preparing the Scent Pack

Start by pouring sachet beads into a glass container, like a mason jar, to avoid mixing fragrance oil with plastic, which could lead to melting. The beads should fill about three tablespoons for a large plush. Add a few drops of fragrance oil to the beads, ensuring not to exceed the capacity mentioned in the instructions. Nine drops of oil per three tablespoons of beads is a recommended ratio for a balanced scent.

Put the sachet beads and add with fragrance oil

Soaking and Infusing

Seal the jar and shake it well to distribute the oil evenly among the beads. Allow the beads to soak up the scent for about three days, shaking the jar periodically to ensure thorough infusion. After three days, check the beads for any remaining oil residue by wearing gloves. If the beads are still wet, continue to let them dry until no oil residue is visible on the gloves.

Creating the Pouch

Meanwhile, prepare small muslin pouches for containing the scented beads. Sew two sides of the pouch, leaving one side open for filling. The pouches should be larger than the desired final size to accommodate the beads and allow for easy sewing of the remaining side.

Prepare the simple sachet from muslin

Distribute the scented beads between the pouches, with a larger portion for the body and a smaller portion for the head of the plushie.

Pour some sachet beads into the pouch

Sealing the Pouch

Once filled, seal the open side of each pouch using a sewing machine. Ensure that the stitches are tight to prevent any beads from escaping. The sealed pouches can now be inserted into the plushie, one in the body and one in the head, to evenly distribute the scent throughout.

Sew the pouch

Der letzte Schliff

Finish stuffing the plushie as desired, ensuring that the pouches are securely hidden inside. Avoid leaving any visible openings where the pouches could be seen or felt. With the scent packs in place, the plushie is ready to provide a delightful aromatic experience for cuddling.


Stuffing the pouch into the head and stomach

Crafting the Scent Pouch for the Plushie


By following these steps, anyone can easily create scent packs for plushies, adding a personalized touch to these beloved companions. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a unique selling point for handmade plushies, scent packs offer a delightful sensory experience. Experiment with different fragrances and adjust the strength to create the perfect olfactory delight for your plushies.

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