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The Adorable Appeal of Large Cow Squishmallows

The Adorable Appeal of Large Cow Squishmallows

One of the biggest selling points of Squishmallows is their extensive catalog of characters and designs. The company has launched more than 1000 characters of Squishmallows in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes.

And the best part is that these plushies come with a unique background story. It allows customers to pick the ‘mallows that resonate with their town personalities.

In today’s feature, we’re diving into an adorable category of plush toys that’ll make you go “moo.” Yes, you guessed that right. We’ll be exploring cow Squishmallows.

From the adorable pink and purple Patty to the absolute black and white beauty Connor, these plushies will steal your heart in a beat. So, brace yourself and join us on this tour.

Key Features Of Large Cow Squishmallows

There are over 40 cow-inspired characters in the line of Squishmallow toys. And no two cow ‘mallows are the same. They vary in terms of appearance, color, design, and size.

Having said that, some key features are found in all cow Squishmallows, all of which we have outlined below:

Ultra Soft Experience

Standing true to their name, Cow Squishmallows are indeed very squishable, thanks to their super soft materials.

The company uses the same materials for all their Squishmallow characters. The outer covering is made from ultra-soft spandex, and the insides are filled with polyester fiber.

As a result, Cow Squishmallows, or any other ‘mallow for that matter, offers a super-soft tactile experience. You can’t help but squeeze, hug, and cuddle with these stuffed toys.

Large Cow Squishmallow Softness


The manufacturers recommend not to machine-wash your Squishmallows or submerge them in any way.

However, the good news is many Squishmallow owners have claimed that Squishmallows can indeed withstand machine washing without losing their original softness and beauty.

For people ready to forego manufacturer instructions, you can place your cow Squishmallow in a pillowcase and toss it in the machine on the gentlest cycle. Maintenance has never been easier!


As we mentioned, all cow Squishmallows have varying attributes that make them unique. Nevertheless, they all share certain facial features that encapsulate a cow’s very essence.

For example, a defining trait across all cow ‘mallows is the presence of horns, except for Zinabell, the brown cow, who has maroon hair instead of the usual horns.

Another unifying feature is the inclusion of a muzzle, mirroring the appearance of their real-life counterpart.

What Sizes Do Cow Squishmallows Come In?

Sizes of cow squishmallows

In line with the full array of Squishmallows, the cow variations also fall within the company’s expansive selection of sizes. These include 3.5, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20, and 24 inches.

You might also find some cow ‘mallows in the 13-inch size. However, note that the company has discontinued this specific size. However, the potential remains for it to be located through auctions or from resellers.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that not every cow Squishmallow is crafted in every available size. While some variations might be accessible in a comprehensive range of dimensions, others could be exclusively crafted in one or two particular sizes.

Which Is The Rarest Cow Squishmallows?

In the world of Cow Squishmallows, Ronnie The Cow is considered to be one of the rarest to find. Hence, it’s highly sought after by toy collectors.

Ronnie The Cow Bio

which is the rarest cow squishmallow

Collector Number: 581

Launch Year: 2020

Color: Brown

Type: Cow

Squad: Spring Farm and Easter squads

Sizes: 3.5, 5, 8, 12, 16, and 24 inches

Siblings: Belana The Cow from Easter Squad

Background Story: He loves building birdhouses.

Besides Ronnie, characters like Patty and Connor are considered rare too. They’re usually among the first Squishmallows to get sold out from online platforms and retailers.

This is why these cow ‘mallows are often sold at higher prices at auctions and by resellers.

What Are The Most Popular Large Cow Squishmallows?

Here’s a list of the most popular Large Cow Squishmallows. All these ‘mallows come in the largest sizes the company offers – 16, 20, or 24 inches.


Large Cow Squishmallow In 24 inches

Connor the Cow is a black-and-white beauty. He resembles the real face of a cow in every way possible with his pink muzzle, white body, black patches, yellow horns, round black eyes, and light pink ears.

He is available in a wide range of sizes. You’ll find him in both 16 and 24 inches on the larger end of the spectrum.

Besides the original, Connor is available as a special SDCC 2022 Edition, where he is back in his favorite vacation state, California.


Large Cow Squishmallow in 16 inch

This one’s our favorite from the Easter Squad. Patty is a pink and purple cow with triangular horns, a white muzzle, and round black eyes.

You can find Patty in four other versions – Patty Hug Mee, SDCC 2023 Patty, Patty Hug Mee (with embroidery), and Fuzz-A-Mallow Patty.


best 20 inch cow squishmallow

Another fan favorite from the Easter Squad is Belana, the pale blue cow.

She is known to be one of the most creative cows who loves to paint. She paints woodwork and furniture designed by her brother, Ronnie the Cow.

Meet More Cow Squishmallows From The Highland Category


best large highland cow squishmallow

Say hello to Candela, a brown and rainbow-colored highland cow from the Valentine Squad. She is primarily brown with a patch of rainbow hair and a belly. She has pink inner ears, an off-white muzzle, and two hearts attached to her belly.

According to her bio, Candela works as a theater usher. She watches the newest plays and meets each production’s whole cast and crew. Not to forget, she loves eating candies.


most popular highland cow squishmallow

Available in 5, 8, 12, and 16 inches, Calton the Highland Cow is a brown Fuzz-A-Mallow Squishmallow.

He has a long patch of white fur on his head like a fringe with an off-white muzzle, inner ears, and belly.

You’ll find that Calton is a foodie if you read his bio. He loves eating and whips up delicious recipes in the kitchen!


largest highland cow squishmallow

Most popular among music enthusiasts, Marshal is a brown highland cow exclusive to Costco, Mexico. He loves music and is the music director and conductor of his city’s classical orchestra. That’s what his bio reads.


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