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Welcome to our corner where the world of Toothless awaits you. You’re in the right place if you’ve ever dreamed of soaring through the skies alongside your dragon. From cuddly plushies to intricate action figures, artistic drawings to valuable collectibles, we bring Toothless to your fingertips.

Toothless Plush
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Showing all 11 results

Categories of Toothless Toys Available

a. Plush Toys, Squishmallows, and Beyond

Have you ever wished for a bedtime pal that captures both the softness of clouds and the spirit of adventure? Say no more! Our expanded collection boasts an array of plush toys embodying the very essence of Toothless. From our jumbo plush Toothless perfect for a big cuddle to our intricately designed dragon squishmallows that feel like a marshmallow hug, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the soft glow of a light-up Toothless plush or the warmth of a weighted Toothless blanket, our range ensures you have the coziest companions.

b. Action Figures, Collectibles, and Limited Edition Sets

Our action figures stand testimony when discussing bringing the magical world of dragons to life. Each figure is meticulously crafted to mirror Toothless’s agility, strength, and charisma. Discover our limited edition battle-ready Toothless or the collector’s edition golden Toothless figure. Our shelves are adorned with a collection of dragon eggs, intricately designed badges, and miniature Toothless figurines, ensuring every collector finds their treasured piece.

c. Art, DIY Kits, and Crafting Adventures

Fuel your creativity with our diverse range of Art and DIY Kits. From Toothless paint-by-numbers to dragon-themed scrapbooking kits, every product promises a memorable artistic journey. Dive into our 3D Toothless puzzle sets or embroider your favorite dragon moments with our Toothless embroidery kits. Every kit is designed keeping both beginners and seasoned artists in mind, ensuring hours of immersive creativity.

d. Light Fury Companions and Dual Dragon Sets

While Toothless has etched his way into our hearts, the ethereal Light Fury is not far behind. Explore our range of Light Fury plush toys, from the glimmering glow-in-the-dark Light Fury to the feather-soft jumbo Light Fury. For those who cherish the captivating bond between Toothless and Light Fury, our dual dragon sets are a must-have. These sets, featuring both dragons in various poses, aren’t just toys but a testament to the enduring tale of love and friendship they share.

Gift Guides

Winter Gifts

New Year’s Day (January 1): Usher in the new year with a rainbow dragon squishmallow, symbolizing hope, renewal, and the many adventures awaiting.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday in January): Commemorate the day with our rare dragon squishmallow, celebrating uniqueness and dreams that change the world.

Inauguration Day (January 20, every four years): A blue dragon squishmallow, symbolizing unity and loyalty, can be a thoughtful gift to mark this significant day.

Spring Surprises

Valentine’s Day (February 14): For a love that’s fierce and protective, our toothless dragon plush toy is the perfect symbol. If you want to share a cozy moment with your loved one, our fluffy dragon squishmallow can be the soft companion you need during romantic movie marathons. Alternatively, the pink dragon squishmallows are always a hit during this love-filled holiday, symbolizing affection and warmth.

Washington’s Birthday (Third Monday in February): Our jumbo dragon squishmallow stands tall and proud, reflecting the stature and significance of the nation’s first president.

Easter: Enhance the festivity with our pillow dragon giant squishmallows. Their size and comfort make them a perfect addition to any Easter celebration.

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May): The how to train your dragon toothless plush is a tribute to heroes and legends, making it a suitable gift for this day.

Summer Selections

Juneteenth (June 19): The new dragon squishmallow symbolizes new beginnings and the joy of freedom.

Independence Day (July 4): The red, white, and blue dragon squishmallows (if available) can represent the nation’s colors, or the giant dragon squishmallow can be a showstopper at any July 4th gathering.

Autumn Affection

Labor Day (First Monday in September): Celebrate hard work with our cow dragon squishmallow, a nod to the agricultural roots and the labor force.

Halloween: Our Halloween squishmallow dragon is the perfect companion for this spooky season.

Veterans Day (November 11): The giant dragon squishmallow symbolizes strength and courage, perfect for honoring those who’ve served.

Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday in November): The fluffy dragon squishmallow can be a delightful addition to any Thanksgiving setting, bringing warmth and softness.

Winter Warmers

Christmas (December 25): Surprise the little ones with a life-size toothless plush under the tree or the ever-popular toothless stuffed animal as a stocking stuffer. The pink dragon squishmallows can add a festive touch to any gift set.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience with the Life-Size Toothless Plush – Samantha, Age 28:

“I was in for a treat when the package arrived. The life-size Toothless plush was folded inside, awaiting its grand unveiling. As I pulled it out, I was immediately struck by the sheer size and attention to detail. Standing at my height, this Toothless plush isn’t just a toy; it feels like having my personal dragon companion!

The materials used were of premium quality, giving the plush a soft, velvety touch. Its scales, wings, and facial features were intricately designed, capturing Toothless’s playful and mischievous essence. I was particularly enamored with its embroidered eyes – they gleamed with realism that made the plush come alive.

It’s not just a hit with me but with everyone who visits. My younger cousins adore cuddling up next to it during movie nights, and even my cat seems to have formed an attachment, often napping at its feet.

This life-size Toothless plush has genuinely become a centerpiece in my living room, sparking conversations and eliciting awe from guests. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in countless moments of joy and comfort. If you’re a fan of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ or just someone who loves unique collectibles, this plush is a must-have.”

FAQ Section

Q: What plush varieties of Toothless do you offer?

We boast a diverse range in our Toothless collection. Whether you’re searching for the soft comfort of our dragon squishmallow, the impressively large presence of our life size Toothless plush, or the delightful charm of our big toothless plush, there’s bound to be a plush companion that resonates with your preferences. Dive into our assortment and discover the Toothless that calls out to you!

Engaging Multimedia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but our videos speak volumes too! Check out our multimedia section where Toothless comes to life. And if something catches your eye? It’s just a click away.

So, there you have it. A world of Toothless, waiting to be explored. Whether you’re buying for yourself or seeking the perfect gift, remember: with every purchase, you’re not just getting a toy; you’re getting a piece of magic.