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Squishmallows Cost A Comprehensive Guide

Squishmallows Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Squishmallows are a line of plush toys launched in 2017. They were founded by the company Kelly Toy Holdings under Jonathan Kelly. Today, they’re owned by their parent company, Jawarez, inherited by businessman Warren Buffett’s conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, in 2023.

Today, we’ll be unraveling the mysteries of Squishmallows’ price tags. We’ll also be touching on the factors that influence their cost, whether they are worth your money, and some of the best Squishmallows you can buy in different price ranges.

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What Is The Cost Of Squishmallows?

There is no one answer to this question. Why? Because there are different categories of these plush toys, each based on their rarity, character, size, and sub-brands. Consequently, all these categories have their own price range.

For example, cow-inspired Squishmallows will differ in price from fruit-inspired ‘mallows. Likewise, limited edition Squishmallows cost more than regular ones.

When you explore even further, you’ll find that different Squishmallows in each category again come with varying price tags. And brace yourself; prices can differ depending on where you’re buying from.

Phew; that was the confusing part.

The Cost Of Squishmallows

To make your life a little easier and keep things simple, let’s focus on the standard norm, which is checking out the cost of Squishmallows based on their size.

It’s a good starting point for exploring the Squishmallow price mystery.

Below is the Squishmallow price chart based on their size. Do note again these prices can vary between sellers and other factors (which we have explained in the latter part of this article).

3.5 inches (Clip-on Squishmallows) $3 – $5
5 inches $3 – $8
7 inches $5 – $8
8 inches $5 – $8
11 inches $10 – $16
12 inches $10 – $16
13 inches $10 – $16
16 inches $20 – $30
20 inches $30 – $40
24 inches $50 – $80

Factors Determining The Cost Of Squishmallows

Here are the main factors that influence the cost of Squishmallows:


When it comes to Squishmallows, size matters. Sure, it determines the cost, but it also influences your purchase decision.

As for the size-price comparison, things are simple. The bigger the Squishmallow, the higher its price.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind this is the quantity of materials used in manufacturing the ‘mallows. Larger Squishmallows have bigger surface areas. That means more outer coverings and more stuffing go into making them.

Moreover, manufacturing larger ‘mallows also demands more time and attention to detail. All these add up to a higher price tag.

Factors Determining The Cost Of Squishmallows


A Squishmallows’ rarity is one of the biggest determinants of its price. The rarer they are, the higher their price. Here’s the breakdown of the four-tier Rarity Scale, from least to most expensive:

Rare. All Squishmallows that are rare come with a silver tag. The company releases only 75,000 units of these Squishmallows worldwide.

Ultra Rare. Only 50,000 units of each ultra-rare Squishmallow are available worldwide. They are marked by their golden tags.

Special Edition. Squishmallows that come with a holographic tag are considered Special Edition ‘mallows. They are extremely rare, with only 20,000 maximum units available in stores.

Select Series. Guess what? An even rarer category is the Select Series, with only 10,000 units released on the company’s official website. These ‘mallows come with an elusive black tag.

The above tiers we just explained are all based on the maximum number of units that will ever be manufactured. Once they are sold out, your only chance to get one of these ‘mallows are at auctions or from resellers. However, for that to happen, you must be ready to shell out thousands of bucks.

Besides the tiers explained above, there are two additional tiers:

Founder’s Editions. In terms of units, these have the most limited availability. However, you can obtain these ‘mallows only through the Founder’s Redemption Card hidden in Squishmallows Trading Card Packs.

Check-In Series. These ‘mallows are exclusive to certain events and locations. They come with a purple tag.


character of the squishmallow determines its price

Did you know there are more than 1000 characters of Squishmallows out there? And most of them are inspired by your everyday animals and common mythical creatures like dogs, cats, elephants, unicorns, bigfoot, etc.

However, some special Squishmallow characters are based on popular movies and pop culture references. Such ‘mallows tend to be more expensive.

Where You Buy It From

Another big factor determining the price of Squishmallows is where you buy them from. Retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Target offer more cost-efficient Squishmallows, whereas ones sold at Hallmark tend to be higher-priced and more high-end.

Besides, if you buy ‘mallows from resellers and auctions, prices can go through the roofs most times. Guess what? Jack the Black Cat, one of the rarest Squishmallows, falls under a whopping price range of $1399 to $2000.

Another example of the difference in price between sellers can be seen in the sale of Fania the Purple Owl. She was once sold at an auction for $2999. However, she was re-launched in 2020 at just about $28 retail price at Walmart.

It just goes to show, where you buy, can make all the difference in your Squishmallow budget.

Squishmallows’ Sub-Brands

what influences the price of squishmallows

Are you familiar with Squishmallows’ brand extensions? Owing to its success, the company introduced several sub-brands, such as Squishville, HugMees, Squish-Doos, Stackables, and Micromallows, to name a few.

Each brand offers a unique style of Squishmallows. For example, the new Squishville line offers 2.5-inch variants of the original Squishmallows characters, while HugMees introduced old and new Squishmallows in 3D designs with arms and paws attached to their body.

The price of Squishmallows can also vary depending on which sub-brand they belong to.

Are Squishmallows Affordable?

Considering its global appeal, gigantic fan following, and brand reputation, Squishmallows are affordable.

When you inspect their designs and materials, you’ll notice they’re pretty solid. Each Squishmallow is a carefully designed masterpiece, capturing the very essence of their real-life counterparts. For instance, there’s the adorable pink muzzle on cow-inspired ‘mallows, and the whiskers on cat ‘mallows.

character of the squishmallow determines its price

What’s more, the materials are top-notch, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. Considering the price you pay; you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Having said that, those rare Squishmallows that pop up on exclusive auctions or platforms are a whole other story. After all, their higher price tags come from one primary thing: rarity.

Now, if the brand doesn’t cut any corners in manufacturing, how come the prices are so competitive?

Well, that’s because all Squishmallows are manufactured in China. And since the labor cost is much cheaper there, the company is able to offer affordable prices for their Squishmallows on the market.

The Benefits Of Squishmallows: Are They Worth Your Money?

If you’re a fellow plush toy enthusiast or toy collector, then Squishmallows are definitely worth your money. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the benefits associated with these cuddly creations:

They Evoke Several Sentiments

Growing up, many of us likely had a favorite stuffed animal, teddy bear, or plush toy. Some of us continue to possess these cherished childhood playthings even today. Why? Out of the many reasons, it’s simply because these toys remind us of those simpler times when a plushie was enough to brighten up our days.

Likewise, Squishmallows are a symbol of nostalgia. Besides, depending on the person, they can evoke feelings like joy, comfort, warmth, and love.

benefits of squishmallows

They Can Offer Companionship and Comfort

You do know that the popularity of Squishmallows hit a fever pitch amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, right? What could be the reason?

During this challenging time, people started to feel lonely and depressed with all the demands for social distancing, quarantine, new lifestyles, etc. In response to these challenges, plush toys like Squishmallows seamlessly became cherished companions, providing immense comfort and company.

They Can Ease Stress

Stress increases the cortisol hormone, linked with many health problems like increased sugar, weight gain, risk of coronary disease, etc.

It is believed that touching or cuddling with soft toys like Squishmallows can have cortisol-reducing effects.

Best Squishmallows In Different Price Categories

squishmallows in different price categories

Cheapest Squishmallows – Clip-One Variants


Meet Malcolm, a goalie on the Squishmallow soccer team. He is a red and tan mushroom available in a wide range of sizes, including the cheapest variant- 3.5 inches.


According to her bio, Stacy is a blue Squid who loves to learn and explore through books. She’s a little introverted, but her friends know she can sometimes be very silly.

Stacy belongs to the Adventure and Valentine Squad.


Santiago is a blue squirrel from the Bright Squad. He is also available in the tiniest Squishmallow 2-inch size as a Micromallow.

Medium-Range Squishmallows


Cam the Cat, or Cameron, belongs to the Original Squad. He is one of the first ‘mallows to be released in 2017.


Avery is a green and brown duck Squishmallow. He is usually available at medium-range prices at various retail stores and online.

best mid priced squishmallows

However, Avery can also appear in the high-end category depending on the edition, like Select Series Avery or HugMee Avery.


Available in almost all Squishmallow sizes, Connor is a black and white cow. Per his bio, he is quite an athlete and loves traveling on his bike. Do you know his favorite vacation state? California!

High-End Squishmallows

the most expensive squishmallows


Released as the first Squishmallow from the Select Series, Jack, the Black Cat is no longer available in retail stores. However, you can find him at auctions or from resellers.


Meet another Squishmallow from the Select Series. Steele is a whale shark available in the 12-inch category.


Hans is a brown hedgehog from the Original Squad. He comes in a wide range of prices depending on his size and particular edition.

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