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Cuddly Comfort A Comprehensive Guide to Panda Squishmallows

Cuddly Comfort: A Comprehensive Guide to Panda Squishmallows

Did you know that the Panda symbolizes luck and peace? It serves as a spiritual emblem, harmonizing gentleness with strength. This creature teaches patience and the importance of a positive outlook.

Likewise, the beauty of Panda Squishmallows seamlessly aligns with the Panda’s emblematic traits. These huggable plush companions capture the essence of both luck and tranquility that Pandas signify.

With their soft and inviting presence, Panda Squishmallows offer a touchable source of comfort and a symbolic reminder of the lessons this remarkable animal is known for.

Ready to learn more about these adorable ‘mallows? Just keep reading!

What Sizes Does Panda Squishmallows Come In?

Squishmallows currently offer as many as 25 different Panda characters in plush forms. These ‘mallows have a unique personality, color palette, and size range.

When it comes to size, it can vary between all 25 characters. While some Panda Squishmallows are available only in one or two sizes, others offer a wider range.

For example, there’s Sissy the Panda available only in 14-inch size, while Stanley the Panda comes in six sizes – 5, 7, 7.5, 8, 12, and 20 inches.

Do note that the largest Panda size you can find is 16 or 20 inches. There is currently no Panda ‘mallow in the company’s giant 24-inch size.

The Appeal Of Panda Squishmallows

The Appeal Of Panda Squishmallows

There’s no denying that Panda Squishmallows are some of the most adorable characters released by Kelly Toy Holdings. Ever since the first Panda hit the market in 2021, these ‘mallows have taken the world of plush toys by storm.

Speaking of the first Panda ‘mallow, it is none other than Stanley the Panda. With its black and white body, Stanley embodied its real-world counterpart perfectly.

Its allure lies in its simplicity, encapsulating the Panda’s natural charm. Besides, its trademarked Squishmallow softness and endearing facial expression evoke an immediate sense of comfort and affection.

However, the beauty of Panda Squishmallows goes beyond the standard black and white colors. You can find these cutie-patooties in almost all colors imaginable.

There’s Prescott, for instance, adorned with hues of light purple. Penelope, on the other hand, is a striking red panda. And Sarakee takes things up a notch with its rainbow-colored eyes and ears. Who said Pandas had to be caged in the black and white box?

variety of panda squishmallows

No matter your favorite color, chances are you will find a sweet Panda ‘mallow in that shade.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Panda Squishmallows are also very versatile. From cuddling to snuggling to squishing, they offer a range of delightful experiences that cater to both young and old alike.

Moreover, they also make great gifts and decorative items. Gifting a Panda Squishmallow to a friend or loved one becomes a way of sharing comfort, joy, and the virtues these beloved creatures symbolize.

As décor items, they can add whimsy and charm to any space – from your child’s room or crib to bookshelves, beds, and couches.

7 Most Popular Panda Squishmallows You Need In Your Life


best Panda Squishmallows

If your favorite animal is a panda, then your favorite Squishmallow has to be Stanley the Panda. That’s because he looks just like the real deal.

He is available in six sizes, with 20-inch being the largest variant. If you’re willing to pay a little more, consider having his other edition – Octopus Stanley featuring your favorite black-and-white Panda in a teal octopus costume.


favorite Panda Squishmallows.jfif

Sarakee the Panda is a one-of-a-kind Squishmallow belonging to the Pride Month 2023 Squad. As a tribute to the Pride Flag, Stanley features rainbow markings on Their eyes, ears and has a rainbow-colored band around Their body.

Sarakee is available in the 12-inch size. According to the backstory, this Panda is an esthetician who takes pride in helping other Squishmallows feel good in their own skin.


Panda Squishmallows in small size

Looking for the cutest Panda ‘mallow? Your search ends here at Prescott, the periwinkle Squishmallow. She is available only in one 8-inch size.

She loves to express her love through thoughtful, handmade gifts. It’s fitting that she belongs to the Valentine Squad.


Panda Squishmallows in medium size.jfif

Here’s something special, Joxtine is not a panda per se. Instead, she is a pink cat wearing a black-and-white Panda costume.

So, if you can’t decide between getting a cat or a panda ‘mallow, perhaps now you know the solution!


most popular Panda Squishmallows

Coming from the Valentine Squad, Penelope is a red and white Panda who loves to share her hand-made sweets with loved ones.

She is available in three sizes – 8, 13, and 20 inches.


Panda Squishmallows in large size.jfif

For those torn between a panda and a unicorn, how about getting a Pandacorn? Felicia brings you the perfect solution.

She is a teal Squishmallow with a white panda body and a rainbow unicorn horn in the center of her head.


top rated Panda Squishmallows

Last but not least, Bonnie is a princess Panda available in two sizes – 5 and 12 inches. She loves to spend her morning outside in her garden, drinking tea and meditating.

Appearance wise, she is wholly white with grey eyes, ears, and a band around her waist. And like all princesses, she wears an adorable blue crown.

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