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Embrace the Cuteness A Complete Guide to Pink Giant Squishmallows

Embrace the Cuteness: A Complete Guide to Pink Giant Squishmallows

Do you love baby pink? You’ll be glad to add Squishmallows like Archie, Malcolm, and Aicha to your plush collection. Are you more of a hot-pink person? There’s Pama, Caparinne, and Fern. What about Pink Tie-Dye ‘mallows? If those are more up your alley, you can check out Aksel, Adrie, and Balia.

Likewise, around 400+ pink-colored Squishmallows are out there waiting to be picked by you.

And for today’s blog post, we’ll be diving deeper into the adorable space of these Giant Pink Squishmallows.

What Are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are a leading brand of plush toys launched by Kelly Toy Holdings in 2017. Two years after, they took the world by storm and took center stage in the plush toy market in 2020. They have remained popular ever since, with over 100 million Squishmallows selling annually.

different kinds of Squishmallows

Thanks to their softness, wide variety of characters, varying sizes, and adorable designs, Squishmallows capture the hearts of all age groups.

While children love these plushies for their companionship, adults appreciate their comfort, aesthetic value, and meaningful background stories. Believe it or not, these child-like toys actually have a bigger adult fanbase, particularly among those aged 18 and above.

When we narrow down to Pink Squishmallows, they undoubtedly hold a special place among young girls and women alike. No matter how the world advances, the everlasting shade of “pink” remains a symbol of femininity.

Likewise, Pink Squishmallows are highly sought after by the female demographic, especially ones that are fans of the Japanese Kawaii Culture.

The Appeal of Pink Giant Squishmallows

Color Psychology says colors affect our moods, behaviors, and feelings differently. Hence, you might want to reconsider what color your favorite plush cuddler is in since you’ll spend significant time with it.

As for the color pink, it is associated with femininity, kindness, and love. And when this color comes in the form of a giant plush toy, it is usually brimming with cuteness.

Pink Giant Squishmallow

Truly, Pink Giant Squishmallows are the epitome of cuteness. Couple it with their roundness and wide eyes, and you have a combination that’s hard to resist.

The beauty of Pink Giant Squishmallows isn’t limited to just their color. Their sheer size, usually 16 or 20 inches, transforms them into lifelike companions. Wrapping your hands around a Pink Giant Squishmallow feels so satisfying, as the plushness envelops you in a world of tactile comfort.

Besides their adorable color and huggable dimensions, Pink Squishmallows make the cutest décor pieces. Whether you want to fill up a blank nook in your room or set it up on an empty shelve, these plushies can effortlessly brighten up any living space.

5 Best Pink Giant Squishmallows

So, are you ready to welcome a cute, larger-than-life plush toy into your life? If yes, check out our favorite Pink Giant Squishmallow picks:

Piper The Penguin

Piper The Penguin

Piper belongs to the Original Squad, meaning she was among the first Squishmallows to hit the market in 2017. She comes in an adorable color combination of pink and white with closed eyes and a yellow beak.

According to her background story, Piper is the queen of ice skating. She is known for being the artistic one in her group and loves to dress up in outrageous outfits. If you can relate, consider bringing her home. You won’t regret it!

Archie The Axolotl

Archie The Axolotl

Covered in hues of baby pink, with black facial features, a white belly, and bright pink gills, Archie is a pink Axolotl released in 2019. He is one of the few Squishmallows that comes with hands. Want to know why? Because he has the talent of talking in sign language.

This Squishmallow is available in a wide range of sizes. If you’re looking for the giant version, you can opt for either the 20-inch or 24-inch variant.

Abilene The Ostrich

Abilene The Ostrich

Are you looking for a tie-dye Squishmallow? Check out Abilene from the Pet Shop Squad, featuring an eye-catching combination of sweet pink and rainbow hues.

Just like her color, Abilene is all about fun and creativity. She dreams of working for a game company where she can play games all day.

This toy comes in giant 20-inch and 24-inch sizes. There’s also the 16-inch variant for those looking for a Giant Pink Squishmallow for their little one.

Lola The Unicorn

Lola The Unicorn

If you didn’t like Abilene’s background story, how about Lola’s? She’s a purple, fuchsia, and pink tie-dye unicorn who aspires to be an actress when she grows up. And yes, pink is her favorite color.

Sabrina The Pink Rainbow Caticorn

Sabrina The Pink Rainbow Caticorn

Here’s something special for the travel enthusiast. Meet Sabrina; she’s a baby pink Caticorn who has traveled the globe, as per her bio. She has already seen some amazing things but still wants to travel to every country. Her appetite for traveling is really big.

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