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Embrace the Cuteness Hug Mees Squishmallows

Embrace the Cuteness: Hug Mees Squishmallows

Since Squishmallows’ success hit a fever pitch in 2020, the company has extended its line to include several other sub-brands. Hug Mees is one such expansion that has garnered substantial attention. Other sub-brands include Squishville, Heroes, and Stackables, to name a few.

Today’s blog post will explore the adorable world of Hug Mees Squishmallows. We’ll cover topics like – what they are, their primary features, what makes them special, and a large dose of the cutest Hug Mees recommendations.

Please just read on to keep exploring.

What Are Hug Mees Squishmallows?

As you may already know, Squishmallows is a line of plush toys launched by Kelly Toy Holding in 2017. They’re usually marked by their round and fluffy nature, ultra softness, and various characters (or animals).

what are hug mees squishmallows

Typically, Squishmallows are round or oval-shaped. However, the introduction of Hug Mees brought about a transformation in its shape and overall design. These innovative additions to the ‘mallow family were given full-bodied designs with separate heads and bodies complete with extended arms and feet/paws.

Given that one of the main purposes of Squishmallows is hugging and cuddling with their human friends, Hug Mees was specially designed to fulfill this purpose more profoundly.

Their unique selling point is their extended arms that are always ready for an embrace.

Primary Features Of Hug Mees Squishmallows

There are more than 40 Hug Mees characters, each marked by unique designs, colors, sizes, characters, and background stories. However, there are some primary features that you’ll find in most Hug Mees Squishmallows.

We have outlined these shared features below:

3D Design

In the Hug Mees line, Squishmallows are revamped with a new 3D look, with hands and paws added to the characters’ bodies. You might also find tails in most Hug Mees, further enhancing their lifelike charm.

While the color palettes and facial features of the original Squishmallow characters remain the same, you might notice subtle changes on Hug Mees Squishmallows. Most of the time, delicate patterns are designed on their bodies to mirror their real-world inspirations.

features of hug mees squishmallows

Size Range

Generally, Hug Mees Squishmallows are available in four sizes – 10, 12, 14, and 18 inches.


Even with their 3D look, Hug Mees fall within a moderate size range, 10 to 18 inches. They’re neither big nor small, just the right size for giving some good hugs.

And you know what’s even better? They won’t take up all your counter space, either. So Squishmallow collectors can load up on Hug Mees and not worry much about needing a storage unit.

Moreover, some Hug Mees are exclusive to certain stores, while some are released in minimal quantities by the company. All these make hunting for Hug Mees a real adventure!

Wide Selection Of Characters

hug mees variety of characters

Following the Squishmallow tradition, Hug Mees also come in various characters. Do note most Hug Mees are not new characters but revamped versions of the original line of Squishmallows.

Soft Materials

Hug Mees Squishmallows are made with the same materials used in the original variants. These include soft spandex and polyester filling.

Consequently, they’re as squishy and soft as marshmallows. Besides, they’re also very easy to maintain, and cleaning them is a cinch.

In addition, thanks to the use of polyester fiber, all Squishmallows are generally hypoallergenic. This makes them safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Unique Personality

Every single Hug Mees Squishmallow has its own unique personality. Just check out their tags. You’ll get the lowdown on the character right there.

Learning about their backstory helps you find which Hug Mees is on the same wavelength as you. Think about it – you can find their personality quirks, hobbies, and likes and dislikes.

It’s like finding a plushie friend that’s totally your match.

What Is Special About Hug Mees Squishmallows?

what is special about hug mees squishmallows

The appeal of Hug Mees Squishmallows lies in their unique, innovative design. Unlike your regular plush toys, Hug Mees brings something new and fresh with their 3D look.

Their elongated arms offer a new way to connect and cuddle with your Squishmallows.

Not only that, but these plushies also exhibit grand aesthetic appeal. Whether you set them upright or flat on their fours, Hug Mees adds a touch of cuteness and luxurious style to any space.

Top 5 Hug Mees Squishmallows You Need In Your Life Right Now

Hug Mee Belana

best hug mees squishmallows

In the Hug Mees line, Belana has two versions – the original and the Hug Mee Egg Belana. We personally love the latter. She looks too adorable with that little easter egg embroidered on her belly.

She is teal and white and available in all four Hug Mee sizes – 10, 12, 14, and 18 inches.

Hug Mee Avery

most popular hug mees squishmallows

Avery is one of the most popular Hug Mees out there. He is a green and brown duck from the Farm and Adventure squads.

Owing to his popularity, Avery is hard to come by. You can find him in three sizes – 10, 14, and 18 inches.

Hug Mee Ainsley

cutest hugmees squishmallows

Ainsley is one of the few characters exclusive to the Hug Mees line. He comes only in one size – 18 inches laying Hug Mee.

According to her bio, she loves making DIY gifts for her friends. Do you want to join Ainsley at her next craft party?

Hug Mee Vince

halloween special hug mees

Vince is a multicolored Vampire from the Halloween Squad. So, it goes without saying; he’s in high demand when the spooky season rolls around.

Speaking of which, if you like Vince and want more of his kind, you can even find a Hug Mee Halloween set comprised of four characters – Vince the Vampire, Binxie the Bat, Autumn the Cat, and Wade the Werewolf.

Hug Mee Yus

large hug mees squishmallows

With her white and pink tie-dye color palette, Yus is a treat to the eye! She is a lamb from the Easter Squad.

According to her backstory, Yus lives in the mountains and loves to sing and hear her song echo through the hills. And it seems she is looking for a partner to sing with. Are you in?


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