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The Fascination of Dark Blue Squishmallows

The Fascination of Dark Blue Squishmallows

You can find all the rainbow colors and beyond in Squishmallows. After all, their manufacturers call it “the squishiest, friendliest, most colorful place of all.” It’s where every shade imaginable comes to life in the form of adorable animals, mythical creatures, cartoon figures, etc.

From radiant reds that add a pop of color to your plush toy collections to soothing pastels that make you go “aww!” each Squishmallow is drenched in a specific color (sometimes two or more) that not only catches the eye but also captures the heart.

Today, we’ll explore one fascinating color of the ‘mallow world – Dark Blue. Whether it reminds you of the farthest end of the ocean or the evening sky, something about Dark Blue Squishmallows instantly makes them stand out.

Let’s scroll down to find out what’s all the hype surrounding Dark Blue Squishmallows!

The Appeal Of Dark Blue Squishmallows

Like all Squishmallows, the appeal of Dark Blue Squishmallows comes from a combination of factors like its aesthetics, design, emotional connection, and of course, its deep, intense hue.

Let’s first talk about its color. Did you know that certain colors can evoke different emotions and influence our moods? The color blue, for instance, is often associated with nature.

The Appeal Of Dark Blue Squishmallows

Just think about it, you’re at the beach, and you look up; there’s the blue sky, or you look around, and you’ll see the deep blue ocean. Hence, for this reason, people often say that shades of blue signify serenity and calmness.

In this way, Dark Blue Squishmallows are more than just stuffed toys. They can be your source of relaxation and comfort after a long day or week. You’ll instantly smile and feel lighter as soon as you see a Dark Blue Squishmallow. And as you wrap your hands around it, the soft and fluffy embrace of a Squishmallow will melt away all your stress.

Besides their outer appearance, the appeal of these plush toys may be tied to sentimental value for some people. It isn’t uncommon for both adults and children to have an emotional connection with these stuffed animals.

Perhaps they grew up with a Dark Blue Squishmallow by their side, or maybe it was gifted by a loved one. Likewise, a Dark Blue Squishmallow can mean different things to different people – nostalgia, love, peace, comfort, and so on.

Size Chart Of Dark Blue Squishmallows

Size Popular Dark Blue Squishmallows
3.5 inches Babs, Adin, Jova
5 inches Aarin, Linda, Adrian
7 inches Brody, Horace, Kena
8 inches Danielito, Donyar, Gunther
11 inches Dani, Zipp, DeeDee
12 inches Amil, Fina, Bobby
13 inches Ace, Puff, Tim
14 inches Hakim, Benkamin, Philipe
16 inches Berna, Destiny, Darex
20 inches Kippie, Carin, Damien
24 inches Alandy, Misko, Jerome

Are Squishmallows Safe For Children?

Yes, Squishmallows are considered safe for all children. These stuffed animals are very soft to the touch and usually contain no loose parts. This eliminates the potential risk of choking that usually comes with other stuffed toys.

Moreover, Squishmallows are made with high-quality, non-toxic materials. They’re also stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiber, making them breathable, lightweight, and dust free. They also meet the universal safety standards for children’s toys.

So, if you plan on buying Squishmallows for your little one or as a gift for children, you can be completely confident in their safety.

popularity of squishmallows among adults

Certainly, Squishmallows are popular among adults. In fact, the customer base for Squishmallows is dominated by adults aged 18 and above.

There are several reasons why these plushies are a hit among older people. For one, they’re like a trip down memory lane. Most adults hold on to their childhood stuffed toys as they’re nostalgic, warm, and comforting.

Another big reason behind the popularity of Squishmallows is its collectible nature. Many toy collectors are passionate about collecting these colorful and cute stuffies. Some enthusiasts even dedicate entire rooms to their Squishmallow collections. And they surely don’t mind spending huge bucks on these adorable creations.

Top 5 Dark Blue Squishmallows: All-Time Favorites


best dark blue squishmallow

Dani is a navy-blue bigfoot inspired by the human-like mythical creature. She has a grey mane and a dark blue belly. Her face is covered in lighter shades of blue with black eyes and pink blush.


top dark blue squishmallow

Do you want a Squishmallow that reminds you of the midnight sky with twinkling stars? Check out Danielito, a blue-black gradient plush cat who resembles the night sky.


favorite dark blue squishmallow

Gunther is a tie-dye blue triceratops. He looks tough with his turquoise spines and white horns.

However, according to his bio, Gunter is a big softy. He loves knitting and watching romantic comedies.


most popular dark blue squishmallow

Say hello to Bobby, a tie-dye, blue bunny from the Easter Squad. On Easter, she loves dyeing eggs to match her blue-colored body and shares them with other ‘mallows.


best blue squishmallow

Belonging to the Sealife Squad, Donyar the Eel is a courageous Squishmallow who loves to try new things. He is covered entirely in blue, with a touch of purple fin on his head.

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