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Mini Squishmallow Sets Your Pocket Sized Comfort

Mini Squishmallow Sets: Your Pocket-Sized Comfort

Here’s something we, the die-hard Squishmallow fans, can all agree on – the smaller the Squishmallow, the cuter; the larger the Squishmallow, the cozier. And today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the former, i.e., Mini Squishmallows.

Mini Squishmallows are small-sized Squishmallow toys sold under the company’s sub-brand, “Squishville.”

What are they? What are the best mini Squishmallow sets you can buy? What can you do with these Squishmallows? Our guide covers all these topics and more.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.

About Squishmallow Brand

Created by the Kellytoy company, Squishmallow is a line of plush toys launched in 2017. They are usually marked by their round shape and come in various sizes, colors, patterns, outfits, textures, and characters.

Wondering where the inspiration behind Squishmallow came from? Well, it’s none other than the land of Kawaii Plush Toys, Japan. Jonathan Kelly, the founder, stated that he came up with the idea to create his own line of toys when he visited Japan and saw a variety of plush toys.

Then, he and his team spent several months creating a toy that replicated the “soft, cute, and kawaii” nature of Japanese plush toys. This gave birth to Squishmallows in 2017. And the rest, as they say, is history!

What Are Mini Squishmallow Sets?

Mini Squishmallow Sets or Mini Squishmallows are collectible 2-inch plush toys and playsets. As mentioned, these Squishmallows are exclusively available from Squishmallow’s extended new toy line, Squishville.

Note that, Squishville ‘mallows are not new characters or animals. Instead, they are simply the 2-inch variant of existing characters from the original Squishmallow line.

Squishville also offers playsets, accessories, outfits, and vehicles for their 2-inch ‘mallows. The best part? All these things are made entirely of plush. So, whether you decide to play with them or squish them, that’s entirely up to you.

You can buy Squishville ‘mallows in a few ways. These tiny plushies are available in individual blind bags containing up to 24 collectible characters. There are also plush vehicle sets that come with one mini Squishmallow nestled within cars or trains.

For those seeking bundles, packs of six are available, featuring themes like the Rainbow Dream Squad, Sealife Squad, and Fruit Squad. As for the playsets, there is a whole world of Squishmallows to discover, from kitchens, spas, and picnic scenes, to playrooms, bakeries, and boutiques.

8 Best Squishville Mini Squishmallow Sets You Can Buy

Mystery Mini Plush Rainbow Dream Squad

As the name suggests, the Rainbow Dream Squad from Squishville features some of the cutest, rainbow-colored, tie-dyed Squishmallows. Each squad contains six members.

Since it’s a mystery box, two characters remain concealed at the time of purchase. This fills your Squishville scavenger hunt full of suspense and fun.

From Percy the Rainbow to Tie-dye Pegasus or Cindy the Rainbow Cat, you never know who you’ll get to welcome to your 2-inch Squishmallow collection!

Glamping Getaway Deluxe Play Scene

Glamping is all about camping in style, bathed in luxurious amenities. Likewise, this Squishville Mini Squishmallow playset transports you to a lavish outdoor setting.

It comes with three fancy accessories: a tent, chair, and sleeping back. This playset is accompanied by one of the most adorable mini-sized Squishmallows, Paulita the Pink Tabby Cat.

Once you have set up the glamping scene, adorn Paulita with the flower crown and dance the night away with some comfy music.

Deluxe Day Spa Play Scene

Get yourself this Deluxe Spa Day playset and treat yourself to some much-needed rest and relaxation with your favorite Squishville ‘mallow.

This playset comes packed with goodies like a “Day Spa” resort play scene, basin, and mani-pedi lounge chair. It features a 2-inch Duchess, the Pink Deer from the Valentine Squad.

According to her bio, Duchess loves her “me time.” Hence, she seamlessly fits into the serene atmosphere of the spa. Moreover, there’s even a towel wrap and face mask that comes in the package. So, don’t forget to pamper Duchess!

Fifi’s Cottage Townhouse

This is the signature item from Squishville, featuring a house playset with three floors, each exhibiting a unique scene. Each floor has its own furniture and everyday things like a couch, bed, pillow, bathtub, and even a cute little toilet.

As for the Squishville characters, the adventurous traveler Fifi the Fox, and the aspiring cosmetologist, Blair the Cat live in this cozy cottage.

Tulips Flower Mini Plush Toy Set

This Squishville Toy Set brings you all the Squishmallows from the Nature Squad in their lovely 2-inch versions.

It includes three characters:

·Jackie The Purple Tulip, who loves to shop vintage, goes on retro hunts and travels with her sisters.

·Bridgie The Pink Tulip is known for her kickflips. She also loves watching scary movies and unsolved mysteries. P.S. She is best friends with Maui the Pineapple.

·Jeannie The Yellow Tulip, loves dressing up in costumes for Halloween.

Cinema Deluxe Soft Playset

Wondering what a Cinema scene looks like in the Squishville world? Well, it definitely includes a salted pretzel chair and some buttered popcorn.

This playset comes with an exclusive 2-inch Squishmallow, Harmony the Swan. She is pink and yellow in color and belongs to the Easter Squad.

As per her bio, Harmony loves music. Her first instrument was the piano. And you know what? Today, she can play ten different instruments.

Mini Plush Fruit Squad

Like the Rainbow Squad set, this Mini Plush Fruit Squad set comes in a package of 6 characters with two ‘mallows hidden behind the packaging.

There are as many as 29 characters from the Fruit Squad for you to collect. Some of the most popular characters are Scarlet the Strawberry, Ashley the Apple, Maui the Pineapple, and Orin the Orange, to name a few.

Squishville by Squishmallow Mini Plush In Vehicle Set

Squishmallow has taken the stuffed toy space to the next level with the introduction of plush vehicles. And just like Squishville characters, these mini vehicles are in the form of the original Squishmallow characters such as Perry, Jaime, Santiago, Trinity, and Marco.

All these vehicles are designed to fit all 2” mini Squishmallows.

The Squishville Mini Plush In Vehicle set usually comes with a pair of Squishville ‘mallows seated in one vehicle each. You can choose between characters like Felicia and Zeke, Serena and Diego, or Kai and Elda.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Buying Mini Squishmallow Sets

We get it; buying Squishmallow sets online or offline is not rocket science. You head over to any reputable platform, pick a Squishmallow in your favorite animal or color, and add it to your cart. Finally, make your payment and wait for your cuddly companion to arrive in a few days!

However, there are a few things you might want to re-consider when buying these squishy creations, such as:


The biggest thing you want to factor in when shopping for mini Squishmallows is their price. While each pack is priced reasonably at approximately $29, remember mini Squishmallows can lead to unexpectedly high expenses, especially for dedicated collectors.

This is particularly true with the Mystery boxes, where individuals often continue buying box after box in search of that elusive Squishmallow missing from their collection. As a result, expenses can accumulate rapidly.

Hence, it would be wise to make a budget each month if you’re serious about these collectible items. And make it a point to stick by it.

Buy Only From Genuine Squishmallow Sellers

Given the popularity of these toys, manufacturers are popping up left and right advertising knock-off Squishmallows as originals. So, make sure to buy only from genuine online retailers and stores.

Popular stores like CVS, Claire’s, Target, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and Toy City sell genuine Squishmallows.

When it comes to online platforms, you need to be even more careful. That’s because even giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon tend to advertise fake Squishmallows. The solution? Ensure the seller is Squishmallow (or Kelly Toy).

Games You Can Play With Mini Squishmallows

Nowadays, you can see many social media influencers creating their own cute games involving mini Squishmallows. Moreover, some traditional toy games like treasure hunts or pretend play can be enjoyed with these miniature plushies. Here are some of our favorites:

Mini Claw Machine

If you have the budget, invest in a mini claw machine. You can find it at a local toy store or even online.

All you have to do is fill it with your mini Squishmallow collections and take turns with friends to try and grab them with the claw.

You can even divide contestants into two groups. Next, assign points to the Squishmallows based on their colors, rarity, or character. This scoring system can add a competitive twist to your weekly game nights.

Squishmallow Scavenger Hunt

Who can say no to a family scavenger hunt party? Next time you host it, consider incorporating a Squishmallow-themed scavenger hunt for your friends and family. This game can also be a hit among kids.

Hot Potato With Mini Squishmallows

Hot Potato is a classic party game popular among children and adults. All players gather in a circle and toss a small potato to each other while the music plays. And when the music stops, the player holding the Potato is eliminated.

Applying the same rules, you can play Hot Potato with mini Squishmallows too!

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