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Soft Dreams A Deep Dive Into Pillow Giant Squishmallows

Soft Dreams: A Deep Dive Into Pillow Giant Squishmallows

Do you know what’s often underestimated? The importance of a good ol’ pillow for your sleep! A good night’s sleep isn’t just about feeling refreshed. But it significantly contributes to our overall well-being. And a pillow is a key player in ensuring those uninterrupted 7-8 hours of blissful sleep.

So, the main question for today’s write-up is – can Squishmallows provide you with those 7-8 hours of sleep? Can they become your go-to pillows? Are there any potential downsides to using Squishmallows as your primary headrest? Hold on, are Pillow Giant Squishmallows even a thing?

Well, we’ll dive into these fluff-filled mysteries in today’s article. I will answer all your questions circling Squishmallow Pillows today.

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What Is The Pillow Giant Squishmallow Size?

First, let’s get the facts straight; no product or line is named “Pillow Giant Squishmallow.” When you come across people or online stores referring to/selling “Squishmallow Pillows,” they’re likely talking about the regular Squishmallow plush toys in their larger sizes – ones comfy enough to double as a pillow.

Moreover, Squishmallows, regardless of size and design, are generally called Squishmallow Pillows. Why? Because they are as soft and fluffy as pillows.

Returning to the question, the best Pillow Giant Squishmallow size is 24 inches. After all, it is the largest size available in the company’s lineup. When you lay the 24-inch Squishmallow flat on your bed, they offer enough space to rest your head on their plush surface.

Besides this, the 16- and 20-inch Squishmallows are also big enough to cater to your pillow needs.

Can You Use Squishmallows As Pillows?

The short answer is yes, you can use Squishmallows as pillows. They are designed to comfort you with their marshmallow-like soft texture and pillowy softness. So, definitely, you can rest your head on these plush stuffed animals and drift away to slumber land.


However, do note that Squishmallows aren’t actual pillows. Hence, they will not provide the same support and comfort as dedicated sleeping pillows.

This is even more true if you use modern memory foam or gel pillows. Such pillows are specially designed to contour your head’s shape, ensuring optimal comfort. And Squishmallows may fail to do so since they are stuffed with polyester fiber.

On the bright side, if you want to take a quick nap or aren’t particularly picky about your sleeping surface, Squishmallows can effortlessly double as a good-quality pillow. That’s because these plush toys are filled with the same materials found in more budget-friendly pillow options.

That brings us to our next question:

What are Squishmallow Pillows Stuffed With?

All Squishmallows are stuffed with polyester fiber. Their outer covering is made of spandex. Hence, they are super soft and luxurious to the touch.

When you lay your head on a Squishmallow, you’ll immediately notice its plushness and mild support. The spandex exterior adds to the overall comfort, offering a silky-smooth surface that feels gentle against your skin.

All Squishmallows are stuffed with polyester fiber

As we mentioned, Squishmallows use the same filling as most pillows do. Some of the advantages of polyester fill pillows are:


·Easy to clean and maintain.

·It can help control allergies.

·Very soft and fluffy.


However, as with anything in life, these pillows also come with their own sets of drawbacks. They aren’t as durable, often become lumpy, and are not very supportive when compared to their memory foam or gel counterparts.

Hence, they are generally bought by people who don’t mind changing their pillows every few months. Nevertheless, their affordable price tags often compensate for these shortcomings, making them a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.

All things considered, Squishmallows may serve as an excellent pillow alternative for individuals who sleep on polyester-filled pillows. Given that these plushies are also packed with the same filling, they offer comparable comfort to what you’re used to.

Moreover, you can stack your ‘mallows based on your desired level of fluffiness, coziness, and height. Doing so allows you to customize your sleeping experience.

What Are Squishmallow Stackables?


Any discussion on Pillow Giant Squishmallows would be incomplete without talking about Squishmallow Stackables. Here’s why:

‘Stackables’ is one of the sub-brands under Squishmallow. These Squishmallows are usually longer and flatter. In other words, instead of a round and fuller appearance, Stackables look more like a rectangle. Hence, they make great makeshift pillows.

These plushies are available in three sizes – 8, 12 and 20 inches. We think the 20-inch variant would work best as a pillow.

The best part about Stackables is that you can stack two or more of these plushies to create the ultimate resting area for relaxing at home, reading a book, watching a movie, or just taking a quick power nap.

The Best Pillow Giant Squishmallows On The Market

If you’re on the plush toy space looking for the best pillow giant Squishmallows, you should check these out:

Cam The Cat


Cam, short for Cameron, is a feline character and one of the most popular ones offered by Squishmallows. According to his bio, he loves going to the beach to take cat naps with his friends.

This could only mean one thing. If you often hit the beach on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this is the plush pillow for you. Grab your own Cam The Cat Squishmallow and lay your head on it while reliving those tranquil moments.

Bethany The Koalacorn


She is a white and light purple Squishmallow with rainbow-colored ears. She is available in the largest size, i.e., 20 inches. Besides you can also find this plushie as a Stackable.

Hence, whether you’re drawn to her larger-than-life presence or the charming Stackable design, her appeal caters to a wide range of preferences.

Jett The Dragon


Are you looking for a multi-colored giant Squishmallow pillow? If so, you need to add Jett to your collection today. He comes as a 20-inch stackable with teal and green camouflage patterns. As a result, he can blend in well with his surroundings. According to his bio, he even owns a camo-print bed. So, you might also want to get some camo-print bed sheets to match your plush pillow.

Sinclair The Avocado Toast


Sinclair, donning shades of brown and green, arrives in two delightful variations: a huggable 16-inch plush toy and a stackable rendition spanning 20 inches. Drawing from his culinary inspiration, he seamlessly transforms into an ideal pillow companion for your outdoor patio or playful play area.

Advantages Of Squishmallow Pillows

The advantages of Squishmallow Pillows are as follows:

Great For Taking Naps

Using Squishmallows as nighttime pillows is not typically advised due to their inability to provide the same level of comfort as premium pillows. Imagine applying constant pressure on a Squishmallow for an entire 7–8-hour sleep cycle.

Over time, it could cause the plush toy to lose its original shape and fluff, waking you up with an aching neck and shoulders.

Hence, Squishmallow pillows work better for your short afternoon naps. Sleeping on them for several minutes or 1-2 hours ensures you’re comfortable during and after sleep.

Perfect For Traveling

Squishmallow pillows can be your ultimate travel buddy. Whether you’re hitting the road for the weekend or taking a business trip by plane, snuggling up to a Squishmallow pillow or stackable can ease your travel experience.

Besides snuggling, you can use these pillows to support your head, neck, and back.

Squishmallow pillows is perfect for traveling

Wide Range Of Sizes and Designs

Squishmallows are available in over 1000 characters and up to 12 sizes. This means no matter your age, weight, or preferences, you will find one Squishmallow perfectly suited to become your cherished cuddling partner or even a newfound pillow favorite.

Versatile Comfort

Pillows from Squishmallows are versatile enough to be used in several ways. Yes, they are undoubtedly great for hugging and cuddling. But they can also make your naptime and travels more comfortable and cozy.

There’s more; you can use these plush pillows for lumbar support during work hours or as cute decor pieces to brighten up any dull living space.


plush toy is Kid Friendly

Thanks to their soft texture and moderate sizes, Squishmallow pillows are suitable for children too.

Playtime takes on a new level of excitement as these pillows become their new best friends. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with the Easter Bunny plushie or a cute Cow plush?

Furthermore, these plush pillows can elevate a child’s living space with sheer comfort and coziness – a crib is transformed into a haven, a stroller transforms into a cozy transport, and so on.

Easy To Wash

It may seem silly, but this advantage may be the most beneficial in the long run. Here’s why. People who use their Squishmallows as pillows without any cover will find themselves frequently tackling the task of cleaning them. Hence, finding a pillow that’s effortless to wash is vital, ensuring convenient maintenance and preventing long-term messiness.

Having said that, Squishmallows excel in this regard due to their lightweight polyester fiber filling, making them remarkably easy to clean.

And although the company doesn’t recommend machine washing, numerous owners of Squishmallows have attested to the ease with which they’ve carried out this process.

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