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The Bigger the Better A Comprehensive Guide to Giant Plush Toys

The Bigger the Better: A Comprehensive Guide to Giant Plush Toys

Where are you lounging and browsing right now? Is it a couch, your bed, or perhaps a carefully curated, cozy corner? Regardless of your current leisure space, you can double the comfort by adding the ultimate giant plush toy. And if you already own one, what could be better than welcoming another big cuddler?

Today, our Comprehensive Guide To Giant Plush Toys will take you on a tour of the exciting world of these enormous soft toys.

Our guide covers everything: features and benefits of giant plush toys, tips on choosing the right plushies, fool-proof cleaning tips, and more. So, sit back, relax, and keep scrolling!

What Are Giant Plush Toys?

Plush toys, or stuffed or soft toys, are made from an outer fabric of plush or any other soft cloth and filled with flexible materials. The stuffing materials can be anything from cotton, wool, or wood wool to synthetic fibers like polyester and spandex.

Giant Plush Toys are a distinct type in the sea of plush toys. Now, the word “giant” refers to the size of the plush toy. Hence, “Giant Plush Toys” refers to toys significantly more significant than the standard sizes we’re accustomed to.

Generally, plush toys that are 24 inches or bigger fall under the category of giant plush toys.

Features Of Giant Plush Toys

two giant plush toys from cute plush official

No two giant plush toys are the same. You’ll always be spoilt for choice because they come in many sizes, designs, and shapes. But there are some standard features that they share, such as:

Ultra Softness

This is one feature you’ll find in all high-quality giant plush toys. These oversized plush toys achieve their ultra-soft feel with premium, soft materials.

The outer covering of these toys is made from plush fabric, a synthetic textile usually made from polyester. It has a very soft and luxurious texture, like velvet or fustian. As for the inner materials, giant plush toys are stuffed with soft polyester fiber, cotton, wool, mohair, or bamboo.

Combining these outer and inner materials results in a luxurious, ultra-soft, and comforting experience that’s heavenly.


Along with its softness, giant plushies are extremely flexible and versatile.

Regardless of size, you can hug these plushies as tightly as you want. Whether you want to lay against it while watching movies, take a nap on their legs, or decorate your room with their presence, giant plush toys are so bendy, you can easily fit them anywhere, and anyhow you want.

The best part? They always come back to their original form. Well, the good-quality ones always do.

Larger-Than-Life Sizes

life size giant stuffed toy

A giant plush toy is called “giant” for its enormous size. So, it’s obvious; all giant plush toys come in larger-than-life sizes. Of course, these giant plushies meant for your home are not as big as the record-breaking Mexican giant teddy bear. Still, they are impressive in their own right.

While some may stay within the boundary of 24-30 inches, others go beyond our imaginations with a standing height of up to 7 feet. How cool is that?

Lifelike Appearance

Giant plush toys are like a work of art. Their immense size makes every little detail so evident, be it a wide grin on the face or a twinkle in the eye. Hence, manufacturers put in extra care and precision during the creation process. As a result, giant plushies look very close to their inspirations, be it an animal or a cool cartoon character.

Every stitch and every embroidery are a testament to the excellent craftsmanship behind these toys. No wonder giant plushies do come with hefty price tags!

All giant plush toys have some background stories tied to them. If not, they often resemble cute animals and popular characters from cartoons, movies, storybooks, etc.

The inspiration behind each giant plushie is what creates an emotional connection between the toy and the owner. For children, there is nothing more magical than seeing their favorite storybook character come to life in the form of a giant toy. As for adults, giant plush toys bring a sense of calm, nostalgia, and security.

Top 3 Advantages Of Giant Plush Toys

Top 3 Advantages Of Giant Plush Toys

Here are some of the biggest advantages of owning giant plush toys:

Your Unpaid Security Guard

For children, giant plushies can be their defense against the monsters under their beds. They may have peaceful bedtime experiences knowing that their plush “security guard” protects them throughout the night.

When it comes to adults, the sentiment remains unchanged. However, the monsters shift from under the bed to within our minds. Hugging a giant plushie can relieve stress after a long day or week. Truly, a hug from these oversized companions can do wonders. Try it for yourself.

Your Childhood Reminder

As children, we have an ocean of memories; your first teddy bear, your first rain dance, or those carefree summer days spent at the beach. Giant plush toys can serve as a gateway to those simpler times.

Want to take a walk down memory lane? Give your plushie an affectionate squeeze. You’ll instantly feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The warm embrace of these toys can transcend you to those days filled with innocence and curiosity.

Bid Loneliness Goodbye

We get it; today’s chaotic world can make anyone feel lonely or alienated at some point. But just imagine a cute, cozy, 6-feet tall plush toy sitting in your bedroom. Do you think you’re ever going to feel lonely in its presence? With its sheer size and cuddly nature, giant plushies ensure you always have a friend by your side.

When you pick the right giant plushie, it’s like you have your own unpaid therapist, a 24×7 available friend, or a sibling from the toy world.

Disadvantages Of Giant Plush Toys

fish stuffed anaimals

Honestly, we can’t think of any valid disadvantages of giant plush toys. Some people usually say that plush toys collect dust mites. But there’s a solution to this.

Go for high-quality giant plush toys made with premium materials like plush and polyester fiber stuffings. These materials are very breathable and hypoallergenic. There, that’s one problem crossed off the list.

When it comes to children, there are some potential disadvantages of giant plush toys, especially centered around their massive size. Since giant plushies are supposed to be larger and heavier than regular-sized toys, they may lead to accidents or injuries if not handled properly.

Hence, constant supervision is recommended if your little one is around a giant stuffed toy.

Diving Deeper Into The World Of Giant Plush Toys

giant bear stuffed toy

What Is The Largest Stuffed Animal In The World?

Have you heard of the Mexican teddy bear in Xonacatlan, Mexico? It’s the largest stuffed animal in the world, with a whopping size of 63 feet and 8 inches. It weighs about 2,000 pounds; definitely not your everyday cute doll.

However, in terms of appearance, this gigantic stuffed animal is adorable with a pink dress, tiara, shiny pink nose, and button eyes.

Named Xonita, the giant teddy bear was released for public viewing in 2019 to promote tourism and Children’s Day in the city.

Giant Plush Toys Can Be Adults’ Best Friends

A quick search of “adults and plushies” on Google reveals a wealth of information on how adults share the same love for plush toys as children or why adults should consider owning a stuffed animal too.

You can even head over to Quora to go through some hilarious discussions on how some adults can’t get through the night without their plushie by their side.

So, if you’re wondering, is it okay for adults to like plushies? Well, the answer is a big, fat YES! In fact, giant plush toys can also be an adult’s best friend. There’s nothing weird about it.

The love for plush toys knows no boundaries. If an 8-inch plush toy can brighten up a young child’s life, then surely, a 5-feet giant plush toy can be equally meaningful to adults. Don’t just take our word for it. We have research to back this up.

giant dog plush toy

According to, 40% of adults sleep with a stuffed toy. Time Magazine recounts adults spending as much as $500 on toys and stuffed animals. At The Guardian, there’s an entire post where adults aged 27 to 72 talk about how much they love cuddly toys and can’t live without them.

Does Squishmallow Offer Giant Plush Toys?

cute kawayi stuffed toy

Squishmallow is perhaps one of the biggest stuffed toy brands today. And they offer giant plush toys.

Squishmallows are available in 12 different sizes. The smallest ones, a.k.a. clip-on Squishmallows, come at 3.5 inches, and their largest plush toys are 24 inches.

How To Choose The Right Giant Plush Toys?

Consider the following factors when choosing a giant plush toy:


Safety is the most important factor when choosing a giant plush toy. Even more so if you’re buying these oversized toys for young children.

When buying giant plushies for children, ensure the toys contain no small parts. Remember, all attached parts should be larger than your kid’s mouth to prevent choking.

Next, ensure that the size and weight of the toy is apt for the receiver. While a 7-feet tall plushie might be ideal for you, it might be intimidating for a 6-year-old. A 30-inch plushie might be the perfect giant plush toy for young ones.

Besides, ensuring the toys are made with safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials guarantees a safe cuddling or playtime experience.

pokeman evvevv plush toy


If you’re shopping for a giant stuffed animal, the decision-making process can be as easy as picking your favorite. You’ll find an animal plushie if you like reindeer, bears, giraffes, or unicorns.

For character-inspired giant plushies, you might want to choose ones that match your unique personality and traits. That’s because most plushies usually have their personalities or background stories.

Regarding children, you should ensure that the character inspirations and stories are appropriate for their age group and interests.


Materials greatly determine how soft, comfortable, and cozy a giant plushie can be. Since all premium giant plush toys are made with plush fabric, you have little to worry about. Just a gentle touch across the toy’s surface, and you can tell how luxurious and soft these plushies are.

You need to consider the materials that go inside a giant plush toy. Regardless of where you shop, always read the toy’s descriptions. They must be stuffed with soft materials like cotton, wool, bamboo, or polyester fiber.

Texture-wise, all these stuffing materials provide optimum comfort and softness. However, if you have allergies or sensitive skin, stick to plushies stuffed with polyester fiber.


Your plush buddies are there for you through the ups and downs. Think about it: they endure your tightest hugs, offer endless cuddles, and even handle occasional accidents like food spilling, etc. Hence, to retain their original beauty and comfort, maintenance is key.

Maintaining giant plush toys can be challenging, especially when washing them often. So, it’s advisable to choose ones that are machine washable.

If not, you might want to buy those plush toys with lightweight, washable stuffings like polyester fiber.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Giant Plush Toys

giant bear plush toy

Do you struggle to clean and keep your giant plush toys in tip-top condition? Here are some easy tips and tricks to do so:

·Always check for a care tag and follow any instructions written on them. It can help you decide what method to use to clean your plushie.

·If your giant plush toys have electronic parts, take them out for spot cleaning. Water can damage these parts.

·Since plush toys are made from textiles, constant exposure to excess sunlight, humidity, and insects can cause wear and tear. So, keep these in mind while storing your toys.

·Regular dusting is recommended. You can do this by giving your plush toys a light shake outdoors or with the help of a soft brush.

·If your plushie is unsuitable for machine washing, you can hand wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

·Always air-dry your plushies after washing. Avoid direct sunlight.

Wrapping Up

Giant plush toys are more than just their size. Sure, their sheer size makes them the perfect cuddling partner. But they also offer a sense of security, love, and nostalgia. And if you think these plushies are only for children, then you certainly need to think again. Adults or those young at heart find equal joy in these lifelike companions.

With that, we come to the end of our tour through the world of giant plush toys. We hope you enjoyed exploring the many features, benefits, and fun facts about the largest plush toys out there.

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