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Visual Journey Through the World of Squishmallows Picture Gallery

Visual Journey Through the World of Squishmallows: Picture Gallery

Do you want to explore the world of Squishmallows through a visual lens? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Consider this post as your visual journey through Squishmallow plush toys.

We have collected various captivating images showcasing the beauty and diversity of these squishy toys. We have also categorized the pictures based on their specific Squishmallow line and characters, making navigating through this vast selection easier.

Without any further, let’s dive right in! 

A Quick Delve Into The World Of Squishmallows: What Are They?

Debuting in 2017, Squishmallows is a leading brand of collectible plush toys known for their wide range of characters, unique personalities, ultra-soft feel, and whimsical designs.

During an interview with Yahoo! Finance, founder Jonathan Kelly shared that the inspiration for Squishmallows struck him during a trip to Japan, where he encountered a captivating array of toy products, including plush toys. 

Hence, he and his team worked for several months on crafting a toy that embodied the “soft, cute, and Kawaii,” nature of Japanese plush toys. This marked the beginning of Squishmallows.

After perfecting their designs and production, the First Squad of Squishmallows, comprising eight characters, was released in 2017. 

Take a look at these adorable Squishmallows – Cam the Cat, Fifi the Fox, Hans the Hedgehog, Wendy the Frog, Piper and Puff the Penguins, and Hoot and Holly the Owls, respectively.

Expansion Of The Squishmallow World – Most Popular Squishmallow Sub-Brands

Here, you’ll find eight sub-brands presenting a unique line of ‘mallow toys. While the characters remain the same as the original Squishmallows, they often vary in size, design, patterns, and colors.


These Squishmallows are the 2-inch collectible variants of the original Squishmallow characters. Squishville also offers playsets, accessories, and vehicles which are entirely made of plush.

Hug Mees

This line of ‘mallows features an innovative, 3D design with extended arms and feet/paws attached to the Squishmallows.


Squishmallows with wacky hairdos belong to the Squish-Doos brand.


There are six characters in the Heroes Squad – Cassie, Esmeralda, the Grocery Clerk, Daryl, the EMT, Detective Kirk, Fifi, the Fire Chief, Dr. Hoot, and Detective Kirk.


Released in 2020, Flip-A-Mallows feature two characters in one plush form that can be flipped between. 

flip a mallow squishmallows


These are a little bigger than Squishville’s ‘mallows, with a size of 2.5 inches. 


Squishmallow Stackables are flatter than the original ‘mallow. Hence, they can be stacked on top of each other.

Mystery Squad

These Squishmallows are available in small sizes of 5 and 8 inches. They are sold in hidden bags.

Squishmallow Categories – Based On Characters

Below are pictures of Squishmallows from three of the widest, coolest, and most popular character-based categories.


From cats to dogs to pandas, the Squishmallow Animal category celebrates the diverse world of these creatures. These stuffed animals have adorable features that capture the very essence of their real-life counterpart.

Mythical Creatures

This category of Squishmallows includes all those characters inspired by supernatural animals, hybrids, or beings that don’t exist in real life. 

There are several sub-categories here, such as Aliens, Llamacorn, Bigfoot, Angel, Unicorn, Octocorn, Caticorn, Pegasus, and more.


Inspired by everyday food items like pineapple, avocado toast, mushrooms, and cinnamon rolls, the Food category is bound to make your mouth water and heart flutter. 

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