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Uncover the Secrets What are Squishmallows Stuffed With

Uncover the Secrets What are Squishmallows Stuffed With

Squishmallows have a very pleasant sensory appeal. From becoming our plush companions and cuddling partners to our source of comfort during stress and loneliness, these squishy creations are more than just inanimate toys.

So, that brings us to the burning question – what’s their secret? Or, more specifically, what are Squishmallows stuffed with that makes them so soft, snuggly, and comforting? Well, that’s all thanks to polyester fiber!

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What Are Squishmallows Made Of?

Given their quality and luxurious appeal, you might think that Kelly Toys must use some magical materials hidden behind closed doors. Surprisingly, Squishmallows are made from readily accessible materials like spandex and polyester fiber.

What Are Squishmallows Made Of

Nevertheless, the magic lies within the company’s commitment to exclusively using premium, safe materials. Besides, no corners are cut in the meticulous material selection and manufacturing process.

Note all Squishmallows are made using the same materials.

Materials Used In Making Squishmallows

Here’s the low-down on the materials used in Squishmallows:

Ultra-Soft Spandex

There are two main advantages of using spandex – durability and texture. Spandex is light, highly customizable, and extremely soft. Plus, this material also does not wrinkle.

Materials Used In Making Squishmallows

Consequently, you can squish, cuddle, and hug your Squishmallows to your heart’s content without worrying about wear and tear.

Polyester Fiber

All Squishmallows are stuffed with polyester fiber. It is the most used material in stuffing stuffed animals and plush toys.

What makes them great is how they help the stuffed toys avoid stains, wrinkles, and mildew. They also prevent shrinking, and this helps the plushies dry quickly after washing.

Are Squishmallows Safe For Kids?

Yes, Squishmallows are generally considered safe for kids, or anyone for that matter.

As published on the company’s official website, they do not use any toxic chemicals in manufacturing their plush toys. Squishmallows are also compliant with Prop 65 and are flame-retardant.

Moreover, thanks to the use of polyester fillings, Squishmallows are hypoallergenic. Hence, they can be enjoyed by people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Are Squishmallows Safe For Kids

Where Are Squishmallows Manufactured?

The company shared on its Twitter account that all Squishmallows are made in China. This might be because labor costs are lower there, which could be why the company can keep its prices affordable.

Can You Make DIY Squishmallows At Home?

Of course, you can make your own DIY Squishmallow at home. In fact, there are tons of Squishmallow tutorials on the internet. Check one out today and have fun.

Make DIY Squishmallows At Home

But do note your DIY approach might not result in a Squishmallow as squishy or adorable as the ones produced by Kelly Toys.

Crafting these plushies involves more than just using the right materials. The company’s skilled artisans and intricate craftsmanship contribute to their unique appeal, which might be hard to replicate at home.

How To Take Care Of Squishmallows?

The company recommends Squishmallows be spot cleaned using a damp cloth. You can use a stain remover pen or wet wipes for small stains.

The company does not advise machine washing. However, many Squishmallow owners claim to successfully machine wash their ‘mallows without causing any damage.

If you decide to try this method, ensure you place your Squishmallow in a pillow cover for protection and opt for the gentlest washing cycle.

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